Classically Inclined

Classically Inclined is the personal blog of Dr. Liz Gloyn of the IAA. She blogs about her research, her teaching and various subjects related to classics and classical reception. On the blog, you’ll find reflections on her latest experiments with formative assessment, book and film reviews, summaries of conference papers she will be giving, and snippets from her research into Neronian literature, among other things.

The blog is designed to serve a couple of purposes. First, it aims to popularise classics, and to share the sorts of things that Dr. Gloyn spends her days thinking about (and hopefully to help others understand why she finds them endlessly interesting). Second, it has developed into something of a rolling manifesto about approaches to teaching, where Dr. Gloyn thinks about why she teaches as she does, and reflects on how to improve what she does. Finally, it highlights areas in which classics still plays an important role in day-to-day life, in ways that we sometimes notice and sometimes don’t.

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